Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

As we head into the new year, "big plans" are in store for Prescott and PMBA.  With several man hours on the books for PMBA and the many volunteers of the "Over The Hill Gang", we must give thanks for the hard work that they have done and completed.  As each section of trail gets built, the Prescott area will become more diverse and will have better connectivity throughout.  We will work on finalizing a "technical trail" for the Thumb Butte area as well.  Patience is key.  These things don't get built overnight.  There must be an active partnership between all user groups and mountain bikers alike.   Come on out and get involved in your community and help build some trails.  Attend a PMBA committee meeting, get in the loop and have a say in how these trail should built, routed, or advocate for a pump track or skills park.  This year will be huge, come find out what we're all about, you don't have to join, just get involved.  But if you do get a cool T-shirt and some stickers!!!!!