Monday, April 12, 2010

PMBA Open Forum Meeting

PMBA held an open forum for the community to ask questions and get a feel for what is needed in the area. The attendance was great!  Lots of questions were asked about reroutes and what we are doing to do about them, how we are going to get the youth involved and what does a "Bike Center Designation" mean.  Our trails committee is working on the proposed reroutes with either PMBA adopting the trail and maintaining it or adding character to the trails once they are rerouted.  We don't want to lose any of our trails we currently have.
The bike center designation is through IMBA.  It is a basic promotion of Prescott as a place to ride.  It will drive more tourism to the area. To be designated will take a few years, but we want to keep it in the minds of everyone out there, so lend a hand and help make Prescott a more desired location to ride.