Friday, October 29, 2010

PMBA Halloween Family Night Ride @ Peavine Trailhead

With luminaries lit to help guide the attendees out of the parking lot, the night was fun for all ages. (see pics)  After the ride we gathered around and handed out hot chocolate and had a trick or treat event for the "kids." You know, the ones that are ages 3 to 65!!!!  Everyone had a good time and saw some new faces in the crowd.  Thanks for coming out and a great time.  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trail Maintenance Day - Quartz Mountain

Another trail day in the books for PMBA.  With a dozen or more volunteers, the PNF and crew made their way to Quartz Mountain to work on a section that help complete "The Circle Trail" around Prescott.  With temps in the low 40's, the crew managed to get just under a mile completed.  Great job people.  

Saturday, October 23, 2010

GO-AR TR3 Race

Members form PMBA helped out with the TR3 Duathlon Race held at the Brownlow Trail System.  PMBA members helped coordinate and direct participants as they ran and biked their way through the trail circuit.  A big thanks go to Dave Sewell of GO-AR.  He made a generous donation to PMBA with a portion of the proceeds from the race.  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

PMBA Group Ride and Members Only BBQ - Thumb Butte

The day after the PMBA Social at Park Plaza, we sponsored a group ride and bbq to follow at the ramada.   With about 65 people gathered at the main parking area, the group was split into A and B ride.  There were only about 12 people for the A ride since there was some "excessive spiriting" the previous night, and the rest filed into the B ride and some just wanted to do their own thing showing up a little later tan expected.  With Shu and Tobias out in front for the A ride..."hammerfest" was underway.  The pace was fierce, maybe too fierce.  When we finished only about 8 remained.  The B ride on the other hand was laid back and enjoying the "just right" pace, nothing to extreme, but enough to get the blood a pumpin'!!!!

After the riders came back we met up at the ramada and started to chow down.  BBQ was catered in from Jube's BBQ.  With an assortment of pulled pork and chicken, beans, coleslaw, chips, water,soda, dessert and of course...the choice after ride beverage........BEER!!!  We signed up some new members, talked with fellow riders and the new PMBA shirts were handed out.  With bellies full and a great ride in, we all parted ways satisfied.  

We want to thank everyone for coming out and having a good time.  Thank you to the volunteers helped put this great event together.  Thank you Jube's BBQ for catering our get together.

Friday, October 15, 2010

PMBA Social Gathering/ Membership Drive - Park Plaza Deli

Members and the general public had a chance to get together and hang out with food and spirits provided by PMBA.  It was a chance for everyone to meet up and get to know fellow riders in the community while munching on pizza, sandwiches, meatballs wings and of course the.....the tasty beverages.  A great turnout throughout the night, people came and went, those who stayed late won the raffle......all the left over food!!
All in all, a lot of new faces, and new members signed up to help support the PMBA.  Thanks everyone for a great time, and thank you to the volunteers who helped put this together.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ride the Divide movie night and PMBA logo contest

Members, fellow riders and the general public showed up and watched "Ride the Divide".  While mingling the PMBA logo was discussed and various designs entered to see which one most represented the overall feel of PMBA.  With over 22 entries, it was no easy task, the entries were voted on and the final 5 were picked.  From there it went to a committee vote for the final decision.  What you see now is the design that was decided upon.  With the final design we were now able to have shirts and stickers made for members to help represent PMBA and spread the word of our involvement in the community.