Thursday, April 14, 2011

PMBA Pint Nite 2011

The First Annual PMBA Pint Night brought everyone out for a good time in support of a great cause... improving the Prescott trail network.

Special thanks to the Raven and sponsors of the event who gave generously with product donations.  We encourage locals to patronize these establishments in recognition to their contribution to the community.

The list (in no particular order)

  •  Epic Rides
  •  The Raven Café 
  •  Manzanita  Outdoors
  •  High Gear  
  •  Iron Clad
  •  Pangaea Bakery
  •  Bikesmith   
  •  Southwest sounds  & Cyclery
  •  Hugos
  •  Dirtworks   
  •  Man at Leisure   
  •  Cutters Four   
  •  Salsa /QBP   
  •  Rich Chaprentier  
  •  Oro Valley Bicycles  
  •  Go-Ar   
  •  Monks   
  •  Bills Pizza   
  •  Pearls Place BBQ  
  •  Subway  
  •  Spring Hill Suites  
  •  Residence inn  
  •  Cina McConauhy   
  •  Sandy Scrimgeour   
  •  Monks   
  •  ElGato Azul  
  •  129 1/2 American Jazz Grill  
  •  Lloyds Liquors   
  •  Firehouse  Kitchen  
  •  Dr. Salberg   
  •  Rock Springs Café   
  •  New Belgium Beer   
  •  Hike Shack  
  •  Costco   
  •  Maya Mexican Food  
  •  Nicks Feed Your face  
  •  Old World bagels   
  •  JA Stein Tools
  • Park Plaza Liquor and Deli 

Some photos of the event:

Thanks to all who attended and made the event a great place to be on a Wednesday night here in Prescott.

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