Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wolverton Trail Ever Closer to Completion

Many thanks to the 17 people who turned out to volunteer for the trail work today.  Good progress was made on a section that turned out to be particularly stubborn.  Many rocks and root balls had to be removed but over a tenth of a mile was added despite the difficulty.  That leaves about 3/4 of a mile until this new piece of critical singletrack is completed.  Looks very possible that it will be all tied in before the Wonderschluatt Festival which will add a few more miles of singletrack to the Wonderschluatt Epic proposed for Saturday's main event.

With the help of the Over the Hill Gang's efforts, it's possible PMBA may need to organize just one more day to help finish of this new section of the Circle Trail which will allow efforts to move to the next section... a reroute of T299 or Watershed starting across from the end of T396 at Senator.

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