Friday, August 19, 2011

Granite Creek Park Pump Track Update

Things are moving fast on PMBA’s Pump Track project! On August 16, we got word that PMBA has won a $1,000 grant for pump track construction from Fox Shocks and IMBA, which will be matched dollar for dollar by PMBA member Eric Nelson!

Two days later, PMBA hosted a site visit to the proposed pump track location in Granite Creek Park with decision makers from Prescott Parks & Recreation and PMBA Board members Pat Fraher, John Shumaker, Chris Hosking, Paul Katan and Brad DeVries, and Advocacy Committee member Tom Sanio.  PMBA reps answered questions about costs, construction, fences, dust suppression, weed control and other issues, and agreed in principle to sign an agreement with the city to take on maintenance of the facility.

We are putting some finishing touches on the project budget, and then the ball is in the city’s court. PMBA has an experienced designer on board for the project, so as soon as we get the nod, get ready to start shaping rollers and berms into a pumped-up experience!


  1. Where is this track going to be? Will it be available for public use?

  2. The pump track is planned to be in the corner of the park closest to Albertsons. It will definitely be open to the public... in fact the goal is to get all sorts of riders rolling around the berms and feeling the flow.

  3. So you are going to tear up the grassy area that is there and place this track? If so, think again please. I am not against the track, just against its location. Please, reconsider and put the track in Pioneer Park. To take away a beautiful grassy area that is used everyday by numerous people to have it used by just a select few is not right. My wife, dog and I use that park almost everyday and this track, if it is placed in one of the few grassy areas in this city would be very wrong. Or perhaps place the track near the new Community garden. Please don't take the grass away. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for your comment! The area we're looking at is NOT the large grassy spot across from the Ramada, much beloved by soccer players, frisbee tossers, kite flyers, sun worshipers, beginning fly-fishers & rambunctious but friendly fetching dogs - we love all those things too, and don't want to get in the way of them. Neither are we talking about the second, smaller grassy area that's next to the big one, the spot where you'll see slack liners and other folks who want a little space to play when the large grassy spot is already occupied, or the space at the end of the cul-de-sac parking lot that makes such a nice picnic spot under a big, beautiful cottonwood.

    We're Granite Creek Park users too -- one of our board members lives a block away and spends time in the park six or seven times a week -- and we have watched closely how people use the different areas in the park. The place we're talking about is a small part of the far corner toward the Depot Marketplace and Montezuma Street. If you watch how people use the park, as we have, you'll notice that space is almost always vacant, even when the rest of the park is hopping with activity. A pump track in that spot gives us an opportunity to bring new people into the park along the Greenways Trails - people who we hope will also become advocates for a very special place. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and for caring about Granite Creek Park!

  5. PMBA, I appreciate that you are trying to consider the uses and needs of other people. Since we have so little grass in our town, however, I sure would like to save every blade of it in Granite Creek Park. I walk there every day, twice a day, and just looking at the grass makes me feel better. Couldn't you put the pump track over in one of those big empty areas next to the Community Garden, where there is currently no grass? I have nothing against mountain bikes or the people who ride them, and in fact my husband rides one, using the miles and miles of trails at Granite Basin, Thumb Butte, Lynx Lake and Groom Creek. I sure wish you folks would reconsider, and let us keep all of our grass in Granite Creek Park, even if some of it is not constantly being "used" by people.
    Thanks for letting me comment.

    1. we live in the desert. taking grass away seems like a good way to conserve some water. not only would it be eco friendly but think of how it could help the economy in prescott and just be another cool feature to bring in new bikers from all over. granite creek park is an exellent choice in my opinion. pump tracks usually dont take up that much room anyway. that grass is also brown 6 months out of the year so how does that make you feel better come on people. only in prescott would people complain about this. if we were in flagstaff or any other town they wouldnt even think twice and we would already have the pump track