Saturday, September 17, 2011

PMBA meets with local equestrian community

This PMBA group ride was held at the Williamson Valley trailhead in an attempt to meet with local equestrians who have grown concerned as of late in regards to bicycle and horse interaction.  There was an excellent turnout from both sides and a positive brainstorming session was had between the groups before each headed out onto the multi-use trails.

The equestrians voiced concerns in regards to cyclists working on ways to help horses and their riders become aware of their presence as far ahead as possible.  Auditory warning through the use of bells was also explored with mixed results.  The best way to work together is for each party to remain aware of their surroundings, communicate with other trail users and to understand the way a horse may perceive their surroundings in regards to bicycles.

The Forest Service also took some additional steps in regards to creating awareness for those visiting the local trail system by posting some high traffic warning signs along sections of T347

More information can also be found here: Prescott Trails Safety Coalition

PMBA working together with local equestrians to build awareness and share the trails:


  1. The meeting wasn't held at the Cayuse area at Granite Basin, but at the Williamson Valley Trailhead to the 347. Just a small correction to an otherwise very successful meeting!

  2. Thanks Dick... error on our part which has now been corrected.