Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prescott National Forest Trail Names

Have you ever ridden Javalina?

Maybe you've looped Ridge Top to Pine Lakes before hitting Garden Grove?

Cold Springs to Potts Creek and then descend High Valley Ranch?

Some riders have expressed a curiosity as to what the official PNF names for their favorite local trails might be.  The following is a short list of more popular sections... but a larger more encompassing list of a majority of the PNF trail system can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

T48: Aspen Creek
T95: Salida Gulch
T264: West Spruce
T297: Smith Ravine
T305: Homestead
T307: Groom Creek Loop
T316: Pine Lakes
T317: Ridge Top
T318: West
T326: Thumb Butte Bypass
T327: Potts Creek
T332: Javalina
T345: Mint Wash
T346: Willow Connector
T347: Willow
T348: Chimbley Water
T349: Balancing Rock
T350: Surprise Spring
T351: West Lake
T352: Mint Wash Connector
T371: Camp 28
T372: Twist and Shout
T373: Apple Blossom
T374: Hidden Valley
T391: High Valley Ranch
T392: Garden Grove
T393: Cold Springs
T396: Goldwater Lakes

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