Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pump Track Officially Approved!!

While it took a little longer than we originally planned, the Prescott Pump Track in Granite Creek Park is back on schedule, with the March 27th approval by the City Council of a construction agreement between PMBA and the City.

That means we're full speed ahead, with plans to have riders getting their pump on by the weekend of the Whiskey Off-Road. The current schedule calls for bringing in dirt for the site as soon as possible, so that Ryan Finney (who helped fellow pro-rider and pump track evangelist Mark Weir design and build his backyard extravaganza, along with other pump tracks around the country) can begin directing the big yellow machines around April 14.

Following that, we're going to need a whole host of volunteers with shovels, rakes and bicycles to shape, smooth, and then pack down the track so it's ready to rock by Whiskey Weekend. Keep an eye on this page as well as Facebook for details as construction plans come together.

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