About PMBA


Mission Statement
To preserve, protect and promote mountain biking, trail access and diverse riding opportunities on Prescott area public lands through community education, tourism, advocacy and unified action.

PMBA does this by:
  • Providing fun, safe mountain biking experiences and social events for all ages and skill levels
  • Promoting responsible riding among mountain bikers
  • Working with land managers and municipalities to improve trails
  • Collaborating with other user groups to ensure a quality trail experience for all users

PMBA is run by members and volunteers

The more members and volunteers, the greater the influence we have with land managers and open space policy makers in the Prescott area. Your membership will help us advocate for more trails in the area for you to enjoy.

The work and fun of PMBA is accomplished by our two committees 

Advocacy and Trails
Mountain biking has become popular around the world, and most land managers and trail-user groups have come to acknowledge the legitimacy of responsible mountain biking on public lands. Our goal is to work with officials to expand our trail systems with more variety and connectivity.

It's fun to get out and get your hands dirty to say, "I helped build this trail". Our goal is to have monthly trail work dates from March through September.
Members of this committee are currently working with the Greater Prescott Trails Plan which is a small group who is helping local land managers convene public meetings about a Concept Trail Plan for the Prescott Area. The public meetings are expected to be in May 2013.
Kurt Refsnider and Rob Hehlen are co-chairs of this committee.

Contact Rob at pmbatrails@gmail.com
Contact Kurt at kurt.refsnider@gmail.com

This committee plans group rides, community events, and fundraising events.
  • Pint Nite in the spring
  • Wonderschlautt in the fall
  • group bike rides
  • youth bike events
  • pump track events
  • skill clinics
  • fun / social activities -scavenger/urban rides
  • Ladies rides on Wednesdays - if interested please email
  • Technical rides on Thursdays
Brooke Weitkunat is chair of this committee.
Contact her at brooke@prescottmtb.com